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Synapse in a nutshell

A real alternative to meeting the needs of business and IT

What we do

Synapse helps you manage critical work residing outside core systems which can take up valuable manual processing time and effort.

In our experience, this is where people turn to spreadsheets and locally developed databases to control business information and processes; it is also where business risk can quickly escalate as these solutions take on a life of their own.

The Synapse service transforms these tools into powerful enterprise-wide applications that combine the control and functionality needed by the business with the governance required by IT.

Uniquely, we retain the familiar spreadsheet interface users know. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly, with minimal workplace disruption, require virtually no implementation or training, significantly reducing barriers to adoption.

At a stroke, we improve your productivity, reduce risk and simplify processes with a service that offers a rapid return on investment.

By extending the capability of your existing tools, Synapse offers a real alternative to expensive enterprise software.

How we do it

The Synapse service combines the power and control of an industrial database with the simplicity of a spreadsheet interface.

By plugging spreadsheets and user-developed solutions into the Synapse platform we transform them into fully supported robust applications engineered to your specific requirements.  We can even automate data feeds from core systems so that all your information needs are available in one controlled space.

Operations keep control, now with added features such as; user access permissions, full data validation, process automation capabilities, data backup, security and the ability to produce and distribute touch-of-a-button real-time reports and dashboards.

Users work in real time using the same core data, regardless of whether they are across the office or the globe, leaving them free from mundane data processing and removing the pain of managing multiple spreadsheets, copy and paste exercises, version and data conflicts and the need for manual data consolidations.

How we help clients

Rapidly create your own bespoke solutions to everyday needs, using the tools you know so well.

  • Create solutions to everyday process and information challenges;
  • Secure and prove new processes and data before implementing strategic solutions;
  • Bring unstructured, uncontrolled data held in ad-hoc spreadsheets and EUCs under control and into line with corporate data policy.

And if you have any problems, just give us a call and we will help fix it, it’s all part of the service. 

Rapid solutions to everyday business challenges

Highly flexible

“Synapse enabled us to quadruple our workload without expanding the team”. 
Head of IT Practice Pool Operations, leading UK retail bank

Remediation operations

“We needed a quality solution quickly which could be adapted at pace. Synapse took this challenge on board and delivered”. 
Programme Manager, leading UK high street bank

Programme planning

“Today we have a display screen showing the state of every project in our portfolio in real time.
We couldn’t have achieved this without Synapse”.
Programme Director, leading Swedish retailer

Rapid deployment

“We were able to design bespoke resource allocation processes in less than three months, recouping the Synapse investment instantly through resource efficiencies”.
Head Practice Pool Operations

Tangible benefits

 “Synapse is on track to deliver benefits of £2 million”.
Resource Senior Analyst, leading UK high street bank

Data integrity

“Once I have the numbers out, I have the numbers out…I don’t have to go back and look for errors”.
Group Financial Director, Norman Hay plc
Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway


Fancy a chat?

We understand the value of being able to talk through business problems. If you would like a confidential chat with one of us, at a time to suit you, please get in touch.
We have a wealth of experience helping clients.
Richard Sawle

Richard Sawle


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