Get Unstuck

When you need to deliver exceptional results but it’s just not happening, give us a shout.

Change the record.

Every business faces moments of great opportunity or danger.

But sometimes you get stuck. It could be cultural, or leadership or organisational or all of those things. But you’re not getting results. And you need a fresh approach. That’s where we help.

We help you get the business acting with clarity, purpose and confidence. We know how it feels, we’ve been in the room many times. And we’re here to help.

Old thinking rarely solves new problems.

Two Richards. One vision.

We’re the two Richards. We’ve worked in some of the biggest businesses in the world, but we wanted to find a better way of working. More personal and collaborative. More rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in. That’s Synapse Connected. While we work with a small community of specialists, you’ll be with one or both of us. So, there are no layers of management, no new business team. We keep it simple and straightforward.

Richard Holloway
Richard’s an engineer by trade, so he can sort out your business challenge and probably fix your printer. His background helps him take an analytical and practical approach to what on the surface seem like big, messy problems. Richard knows business system design back to front and has built his career in business transformation, operating models, culture change and working in highly regulated environments. He brings a steady, experienced hand to every situation.
Richard Sawle
Richard likes those Mission Impossible challenges. When it’s all going pear-shaped and you’re out of ideas. He listens, challenges and supports you with calm, steady and insightful advice. Richard’s career spans running, managing and advising businesses alongside a number of years at a big four management consultancy. He likes to get stuck into big meaty challenges, bringing clarity and momentum.

Pull together.

So how do we help businesses get unstuck?

Well, every challenge is different, but we stick to one key principle. We’ll get there together. Us, your leadership team, your people. All of us, aligned, collaborating and pulling together. This is the key to making it happen.

Asking simple, hard questions

We help you get real clarity on big questions: Where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, how you measure progress and what’s blocking you. We look at these through many lenses – market, people, systems, leadership – to give us a true picture of the challenge.

Design a solution specifically for your problems

We understand that every business is unique.

We work with you to design and co-create a solution that will help solve your problem. It’s built for and with you.

Make it real. Make it work.

Too many strategies are gathering dust on a shelf. We’re here to work. The key is to get every employee to understand what they need to do every day to move the business closer to its goal. And then give them the tools to do it. No leader or Board can make it happen by themselves. It takes everyone, acting as one. We do this by collaborating closely at all levels to make the solution work.

Adapt and act.

We adapt to suit your business, the people and the results you want to achieve.

Then we get cracking. Turning plans into measurable action.

Purpose, Vision and Direction

Trusted Adviser to Boards and senior executive teams. We ask the tough questions, apply a critical eye, add value to your strategy and help get you from thinking to doing.

Business Modelling

Getting clarity on your business model so everyone understands how they help make it happen, how you make money and what success looks like.

High Performance, Low Friction Operations

Aligning the operating model to serve the business. This includes processes; Organisation Design; Locations; Assets; Suppliers; Information systems; Measurement & controls; Management Systems. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Customer Experience

Helping to design customer journeys that deliver value, engagement and strengthen advocacy.

Ways of Working, Values, Behaviours and Culture

Supporting leaders to change attitudes, role-model and lead the change that will deliver on your goals and transform leadership, culture and behaviour for the better .

Sustainable Change

Working alongside leaders and their people to solve problems, build capability, and achieve meaningful, sustainable change.

Stuck? Want to get unstuck?

Talk to us and let’s take it on together.