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Increase productivity, reduce risk, realise potential

Harnessing the entirety of the business information ecosystem that exists in a modern enterprise.

The Synapse service

Connect your information sources

Gather and link the information you need wherever it resides.


Control your data

With security, permissions, validation, automation and full audit trail.


Share with your people

Colleagues across the office or the globe can work together with the same core data using trusted MS Office tools.

Improve decision making

Let accurate data show you the way.


Reduce risk

Work with a single version of the truth and eliminate version and data conflicts.


Improve productivity

Free people from mundane processing and inspire them to innovate.

…and breathe. Know that you have validated data with a full audit trail.

Business challenges

Synapse is configured around the way you work and is flexible to deal with any business challenge.

Financial reporting

Consolidate financial reports and data from multiple platforms into a consistent reporting format

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Budget & forecasting

Speed up and simplify budget and forecasting exercises by automating data aggregation, validation and consolidation

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Project Management Office

Reduce PMO overhead and cost. Consolidated view of portfolios, programmes and projects. Collaborate in real time

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Report production

Achieve “touch of a button’ production, simpler reporting cycles and increased data accuracy

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EUC’s and other home grown applications

Bring unsupported applications, data and spreadsheets under control

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Manage business processes

Secure business processes and avoid hidden surprises

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Remediation operations

Conduct remediation programmes with control, confidence and efficiency

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Risk & compliance

Meet both business and regulatory requirements including Solvency II, Basel III, BCBS 239 via a controlled, auditable environment

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The consultant toolbox

Set-up, run and deliver consulting engagements without the data and process headaches

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Speeding transformation programmes

Secure your data and process requirements

HR & resourcing

Build secure applications to manage HR information across your enterprise and beyond

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Supply chain

Connect, control and share information across your supply chain

Every situation is as unique as your organisation. We can help, let us show you how.

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