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Our story

“Simplicity and elegance paired with practicality and pragmatism, not a description of us but our values and what we want Synapse Connected to be renowned for.”

Synapse Connected was started by seasoned management consultants whose paths crossed while working for big names in Financial Services. We bonded through our shared appreciation of the simple approach; it’s our vision inspired by one of mankind’s greatest geniuses…

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

We had a ‘light bulb moment’ when we discovered Synapse’s NanoApp technology. Ad-hoc spreadsheets and End User Computer “EUC” applications have presented us with many major headaches over the years. For the first time, we saw the potential to take this pain away – it’s the tool we wish we had years ago.

“Synapse fills the space where enterprise systems can’t go.”

With Synapse in our armoury, we know spreadsheet terror or tedium caused by the tyranny of copy and paste can be relegated to the recycle bin. Automating mundane data processes can free good people to realise their potential and business productivity. Yet our missionary zeal is tempered by pragmatism. At Synapse we pride ourselves on being realists; we haven’t survived as long as we have by being anything but. So we tailor every solution by watching and listening. If change is needed we’ll offer it, if not, we’ll congratulate you.

Our expertise and experience helps clients solve complex problems using Synapse technology. Our case studies and testimonials speak volumes for us. Our mission is to simplify how our clients connect, control and share business information and data.

We solve your problems, integrating with the tools and skills you already have. Simple.

Our Co-Founders

Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway


Richard has been helping clients get out of sticky situations for 20 years. An engineer by trade, he cut his teeth in business systems design before moving into management consulting. Business transformation, operating models, culture change, and financial regulation are there to see on his LinkedIn profile.

Self-effacing, and with a strong sense that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously and he’s a believer in listening carefully to the people that do the work.

Richard co-founded Synapse Connected because, for the first time, there’s a tangible, practical solution to a problem facing business people daily. An issue that costs businesses thousands of man-hours, an issue that makes or breaks reputations, that somehow always seems to involve spreadsheets.

Richard Sawle

Richard Sawle


When it all goes pear shaped, or you can’t see the trees, let alone the wood, Richard is your man. A calm, honest, steadfast shoulder to lean on. He will listen, challenge, ask the tough questions and support you until the problem is solved. With a wealth of experience running, managing and advising businesses, including a number of years at a big four management consultancy, Richard offers a seasoned, pragmatic, and proactive approach to helping clients.

Co-founder of Synapse Connected, he has a unique way of looking at things to find solutions, not problems, and brings the best out of you and the situation. Oh – and he also believes work should be fun, as that’s when most people produce their best.

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